Spectrum Brass is committed to creative collaboration and focused on creating a musical landscape that maintains a unifying theme while presenting tremendous variety. Spectrum’s first concert showcase, Who Could Ask For Anything More? An all-Gershwin Revue, displays the driving force behind Spectrum by featuring a concert pianist (Rhapsody in Blue), a soprano soloist (Man I Love, Embraceable You), and drums in a program that gradually introduces the added performers and maintains a stunning, classical first half and an exciting, pops-based second half. Spectrum has also collaborated with visual artists, featuring the photography of Cybelle Codish alongside music of Bernstein and Copland in Spectrum’s American Masters program for quintet alone, and featuring silent films from the early 1900’s to set the mood for Spectrum’s Halloween themed concert, All Hallows’ Eve.

Strongly committed to education and commissioning new works, Spectrum was proud to assemble a consortium of 13 different universities from around the United States to commission composer Jim Stephenson to write a large-scale work for brass quintet and concert band, Dodecafecta, which Spectrum premiered with Mathew George and the Grand Symphonic Winds at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago. In addition, Spectrum has partnered with the Bay View Music Festival to present the Spectrum Brass Seminar. This revolutionary program will teach young brass players a variety of entrepreneurial skills in addition to real-world performing opportunities.


Who Could Ask for
Anything More?

An All-Gershwin Revue

Imagine a performance where a brass quintet commands the stage with power and grace, a concert pianist displays dazzling virtuosity, and a soprano sweetly sings a heartfelt song. Imagine presenting an event that not only packs the house, but also receives standing ovations before intermission and after the final note. The Spectrum Brass Quintet delivers it all in one mind-blowing package. With a first half suited for the Symphony Hall and a second half perfect for a night on the town, Who Could Ask For Anything More? promises to lure diverse and enthusiastic audiences into your venue and create lasting memories that will have them coming back for more.



American Masters
Celebrating American Ingenuity Through Music

Spectrum Brass delivers style and artistry in a concert experience that features the roots of American classical music.  This program is our feature concert for brass quintet alone and highlights the “standards” of each composer while also introducing some more obscure music as well.



All Hallows Eve
Scary Sounds and Terrifying Silent Films

This progressive project by Spectrum Brass will thrill audiences with a groundbreaking multi-media performance featuring the best spooky music! With a more “classical” first half featuring Toccata and Fugue in d minor, selections from Symphonie Fantastique, and the terrifying Totentanz for solo piano and orchestra by Franz Liszt, Spectrum creates a ghostly atmosphere, culminating in a performance of three legendary silent films, The Haunted Castle by Melies, The X-Rays by G.A. Smith, and The Dancing Skeleton¸ by Lumiere. On the lighter second half, Spectrum fill feature new compositions by jazz composer Jeff Haas, one of which will be paired with The Haunted House, a silent film directed by Chomón. In addition, Spectrum will bring soprano Elizabeth Stoner on stage to perform Kurt Weill’s most haunting songs, and the entire show will end with a surprise tune that will thrill even the most stoic audience!



Salsa Metales (Brass Sauce)
Brass Quintet and Orchestra

Written and produced by James Stephenson and commissioned and premiered by the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra, Salsa Metales (Brass Sauce) fuses the virtuosity and versatility of a touring brass quintet with the power and presence of a symphony orchestra. Guaranteed to have any audience on its feet with driving dance rhythms and intensly beauriful scoring by Stephenson, Salsa Metales is a showcase for the entire ensemble, highlighting the orchestra while providing a top-notch chamber solo experience for your venue.



Brass Quintet and Band

Spectrum is proud to be the driving force behind a consortium representing 13 American universities that commissioned composer James Stephenson to write this large-scale work for brass quintet and concert band. This commission culminated in a world-premiere performance at the prestigious Midwest Clinic in Chicago. Spectrum was honored to share the stage with Matthew George conducting the Grand Symphonic Winds and is proud to have a strong relationship with Stephenson.  Spectrum has also performed Dodecafecta with in a high school setting, opening the concert with 20 minutes of music performed by the concert band, finishing the first half with Dodecafecta, and using an abridged version of Spectrum’s Gershwin show to thrill the audience on the second half.



Spectrum Residency
Music Business, Pedagogy, and Performance 

The Spectrum Brass Quintet is excited to announce that it  is collaborating with universities across the country to commission a new work from composer Jim Stephenson.  This new piece for  brass quintet and band will be premiered  by the Spectrum Brass Quintet in the fall of 2010. This work will be the centerpiece for a residency program designed to have a real impact on the students and audiences.  Having SBQ in residence at your institution will leave your students motivated and better prepared to become part of the music industry. Each Spectrum Residency program can be custom tailored though its most common format is:

  • 2-3 rehearsals with the concert band
  • 1 performance of Jim Stephenson’s new work for concert band
  • 1 recital featuring all styles of important concert works for brass quintet
  • master-classes/coachings with members of SBQ covering performing issues
  •  a clinic on music business with a focus on creating your own opportunities.